Welcome to the blog of Colorado Real Estate (CORE) Power Brokers. Putting Colorado Real Estate (CORE) Power Brokers to work for you means being able to utilize all of our combined experience, market expertise, and business savvy to work for you. We have three main prongs of business for you to use to your advantage.

Residential Real Estate

Residential home sales is what most people think of when they think of real estate. When you are looking for houses for sale, you use a real estate agent, or broker, to help you find you the homes for sale in the areas you are considering. The agent should know about the market to help you narrow in on an area that fits your personal needs or what your whole family needs. We can also, of course, find the just the right buyers for you if you are selling your home.

Commercial Real Estate
If a property is zoned under business codes, we can help you buy properties and lease out space to the best tenants. The staff at Colorado Real Estate (CORE) Power Brokers has extensive experience with commercial leasing and management of commercial properties.

Business Real Estate
If you are looking to buy an established business or looking to sell the business you currently own and operate, we can help. We are experts at both ends of business acquisition transactions. We know how to do the research and create a comprehensive marketing plan so that we can optimize our opportunities to sell your business to the top potential buyers.

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