2,500 sf to 6,000 sf size, small industrial warehouse/distribution space, continues to be tight in the Denver Metro area primarily due to the high demand from MJ grow operations in small and medium sized spaces. Industrial space in the lower lease-rates of $4-7/sf  is in particularly short supply, located mainly in the I-70 E, I-76 W, S Santa Fe and E & W Evans area submarkets. With better exterior presentation and surroundings for industrial and flex space in the $8-10/sf range, there is increased availability in several submarket areas including I-70 and I-76 W, I-270, Tech Center/Centennial Airport, S Santa Fe and S I-470.

Flex retail/industrial, R&D and Incubator spaces with superior facilities and superior presentation at $12/sf and above has fair availability in many widely distributed locations in the metro area.Free standing industrial buildings are particularly rare in smaller sizes.  Larger industrial and flex space in the 7,000+ sf size have increasing availability as size increases. Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges vary considerably with the age, construction and design of area industrial buildings and commercial complexes.

Availability of combinations of dock-high plus drive-in doors in smaller spaces is limited in industrial complexes due to correspondingly narrow frontages of loading areas. Drive-in door heights vary with 13 ft+ heights available in newer buildings generally. Employee and business vehicle parking can also be limited in some older industrial complexes. Percentage and quality of office finish varies greatly in smaller spaces and building owners are often willing to make significant accommodations for new tenants particularly for longer lease terms. Over 1000 industrial spaces through a full range of sizes and lease rates are currently on the market in the greater Denver Metro area.

Acceptable uses vary per city and county industrial zoning regulations, and building owner policies.