The multi-family investment property market in the Denver Metro area shows continued activity with steady demand for the limited available supply.   Several mid-size (40-100+ unit) apartment buildings and portfolios are currently negotiating offers or under contract pending due diligence.  Smaller and mid-size buildings with exterior unit access being less desirable are more generally available than buildings with interior hallway unit access.  C-class buildings with value added potential at lower prices in the +/- $100k/door are scarce.  Several B-class buildings in the mid-upper $100k per door range are available.  Lack of new affordable apartment construction and high demand from newly arrived tenants is causing acute upward pressure on rents in low to mid-range apartments. Rents for C-class 1-bedroom units are approaching $800-900/mo range and 2-bedrooms units are approaching the $1000-1250/mo range in affordable areas.  Rents are expected to continue to increase unless legislation to limit contractor liability in new construction is enacted, the main impediment to investment in new entry-level housing projects.