As part of our effort to get our clients top dollar for their properties, we create an individual marketing plan for every property we have listed.  This plan is tailored to the type of property being listed and the who the prospective buyers may be.  To arrive at a deal that is both profitable and expedient, it is important that we reach both buyers and buyers’ agents.  We endeavor to let them know that your property is available, and that there is value in what we are selling or leasing.  To attract interest in your property the presentation of the information must be concise, informative, and attractive.

In order to reach as many prospective buyers or tenants as possible, it is imperative that we advertise across as many media as possible.  This includes

  • Marketing brochure of the listing,
  • Direct mailing of postcards or brochures
  • Listings on all major local and national commercial databases and property exchanges
  • Presentations in real estate marketing meetings
  • Local or national print advertisements
  • Broadcast emails to our database of clients and commercial brokers
  • Listing on our website

The more ways we try to reach people, the more interest we can generate in your property, creating an ideal selling or leasing situation.  This means not only that you’ll be getting the best deal, but that it happens as soon as possible.