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We all have friends, coworkers, and acquaintances that can be a bit nosy. You’ve probably run into a situation where someone asked how much you paid for your home. They may be unknowingly nosy, or they may be curious and competitive, but no matter the reason, it’s probably information you’d rather not share.

So how do you respond without being standoff-ish or rude? Here are the best ways to respond.

Fall back on your spouse: Simply state that you and your partner have decided that you won’t discuss financial matters. It’s blunt and to the point, but it’s a reasonable position that will be respected.

Make a joke: Light sarcasm can diffuse the situation. You can joke that the place cost a few pretty pennies or “more than we would’ve liked” and it should be enough to shift the conversation.

Just be honest: It’s not rude to simply state that you’d prefer not to discuss it. It’s really nobody’s business but your own, right?